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Glen J. Dunn & Associates Ltd. is a plaintiff’s trial law firm that represents individuals across the country for injuries arising from tragic accidents, medical malpractice, fraud, negligence, and employee wage disputes. Glen J. Dunn, Jr., the firm’s founder, together with attorney Rebecca Fredona work tirelessly for their clients to bring them closure and compensation for the unfortunate and often tragic events they have endured.

Glen J. Dunn, Jr. is an Illinois Trial Attorney and Counselor at Law, who worked and trained under several of Illinois’ greatest “Superlawyers” before establishing the firm and eventually becoming a “Superlawyer” himself. Glen has participated in and handled landmark cases all across the country, including Illinois, Washington D.C., Ohio, Mississippi, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Our firm currently represents clients in many different states; Illinois, New York, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky to name a few.

Throughout his career as a trial attorney, Glen was able to secure over $37 million in verdicts and settlements for his clients. He currently has a number of other cases pending that could potentially result in over $100 million more in compensation. His ability to successfully close cases has garnered much attention from the legal community which has declared him a “rising star” amongst his peers.

“At Glen J. Dunn & Associates we never allow profits to come before people. That is our mission and we seek to enforce it, one case at a time.”



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